Inbound Marketing – take it from the start

By Wendy Riches
For the past year and a half, MacDonald Creative has set out to learn everything we could about Inbound Marketing. We had a pretty good idea before, but we knew we needed to have it alot more ingrained in us before we could intuitively offer solutions for our clients.

As a recent student of Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing University (they’re our favourite Inbound Marketing experts), the following is the first post in a series of learnings about how you can improve your business with Inbound Marketing techniques. For more information, or to start a free trial, contact us.

Let’s start from the beginning. Inbound Marketing can be loosely described as the use of marketing tools that results in your prospects finding YOU, instead of the other way around. This differs from Outbound, or Traditional, Marketing, which pushes messages out to people, in that it’s all about creating content that will help interested people find and link back to you. In a sentence: the (potential) customer decides what THEY want to hear.

Outbound marketing tools are media such as television, radio and newspaper ads.
Inbound marketing tools consist of blogs, search engine optimization, and social media (like Facebook, Twitter and Linked In, to name a few).
And while we still believe that Outbound tools can be very effective for the right product, message and situation, we are finding equally effective tools arising from Inbound efforts with a much smaller capital outlay!

So what’s the catch? The catch is time vs. money. Outbound marketing can costs $1,000’s more due to the high cost of placing ads in various media. Inbound marketing on the other hand requires very little hard cost outlay, but instead relies on the creation of great, relevant content to pull your potential customer in. However, one must be willing to spend the time and energy to get going, and maintain and monitor these various media channels (we can help).

Future posts will focus on SEO, landing pages, analytics, blogging for business, Twitter and Facebook. If there’s specific content you’re interested in, drop us a line and let us know!