Get your umbrella…..

By Wendy Riches

This post is dedicated to one of our favourite clients, who also happens to be a very close friend.
Jump! Gymnastics is a leading edge children’s gymnastics program, for which we do some marketing work.

Last Thursday night, I went racing downtown upon a call from the owner of Jump!, to find the ServiceMaster restoration company already circulating enormous fans and vacuums to try to soak up the puddles of water that had accumulated in the gym over the past few hours. This had stemmed from a sprinkler head leak in the facility upstairs, for which no sub-floor had yet been laid. Hence, the ceiling of Jump! became like a sieve as a downpour started in the gym below. All the equipment was soaked, and hence ruined and likewise, our client was watching all their hard work over the past two years establishing this business wash away in front of their eyes.

While things seemed very bleak in the first few days, as insurance companies, lawyers and bankers were contacted, and Jump! was given repeated bad news or delays, after a week, things are looking up slightly and plans are in the works for re-opening.

This one is close to our hearts, so we wanted to pass along the blog that Jump’s management is using as a communication tool to keep their customers informed at every step, ensuring that they are the top priority. However, it’s a great read (with videos!) even if it doesn’t pertain to you. They’ve had more than 1,600 people view it since the first post less than a week ago – now that’s customer loyalty, and we can all learn something from a company that provides genuinely great customer service at every step. (here it is because Blogger wouldn’t let me link to it in any of the words above – you really try my patience sometimes, Blogger….)