Using project management to take the sweat out of travel planning

by Wendy Riches

Recently I published an online class called “Your Dream Vacation: a planning class for making it happen!”.

travel planning classI so often hear people complain that they never go anywhere. So my goal in creating this class was to combine my 20+ years of project management experience with my love of travel and pass those learnings on!


Key reasons people don’t realize their travel dreams:

  • It’s overwhelming knowing where to start.
  • They don’t think they can afford it.
  • Travel planning can be time consuming, frustrating and stressful.
  • They’d rather be spontaneous.

So here are the four ways the class will help you overcome these and get you traveling sooner and with less stress:

  1. Get past the overwhelm and just get started.
  2. Create a budget that works for you so you have the freedom to move forward.
  3. Build a basic itinerary, then fill in the other details as they become available – and reduce the stress.
  4. Get organized with all the info at your fingertips so you CAN be spontaneous during your trip.

I’ve learned a lot through this six-week process and, among other things, taught myself video editing! There were many outtakes, and I realize I work much better from a script than off the top of my head!

You can find my class on Skillshare, and online learning community offering thousands of classes on everything from business to fashion. Some of the content is free, and Skillshare offers new members their first month free, with which you can access all their classes.

Here’s a short clip from my intro video. I hope you’ll find the class helpful and fun. I look forward to your feedback!

Cheers, Wendy