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Attention to detail

Although it hasn’t opened yet, we thought we’d share some snapshots of our team at work installing displays for Polygon’s Lakeside neighbourhood within their Sunstone community in North Delta.

We’re pleased to work with Polygon, BC’s most successful multi-family home builder, and to have the opportunity to show you the kind of attention to detail we bring to every one of our projects.

MDC sometimes gets pigeon holed – oh they’re the ad guys, they just do brochures, or they just do web – when in fact we cover the full creative services spectrum, including signage and presentation centre displays like this one.

We’ve been in the business for 20+ years and in that time we’ve learned how to keep projects on time and on budget, and looking good too 😉


In my travels….adventures in other peoples’ advertising

by Wendy Riches

I do alot of driving. And because we offer creative services, I’m always attuned to noticing other peoples’ advertising efforts. So often, when I’m stuck in traffic or just out and about, a piece of advertising jumps out at me, and I just have to snap a picture of it – usually to send to Rod to say “Hey, look at this!”. It’s what keeps us fresh and excited about what we do.

Below are a few “snaps” from out on the road:

Plumbing advertising made fun.

1. Mr Swirl Plumbing – Fixed, Swirled, Plunged…..Amazing!
Gotta love a company that makes shit look fun, literally. The 50’s comic-style illustrations, fun typefaces and casual, friendly copy voice make plumbing seem a little lighter and brighter, and not so stressful. Trust me, we had plumbing issues this summer! I hope these guys mail drop local neighbourhoods with brand consistent flyers too.

Catchy photo and headline.

2. Two Rivers Meats
I couldn’t even tell what this truck was advetising at first, but the  catchy headline and huge photo caught my eye right away so I had to check it out further. Good thing I took a photo, as their url wans’t quite big enough for me to catch (maybe just because I was too busy taking the photo in traffic). My photo told me they were purveyors of fine, sustainable, ethically produced meats. I have no connection to this company, but I took the time to look up and link to their website above because I think they deserve some play for their great Outdoor advertising! And the bald guy on their home page is quite cute. 😉

These two examples illustrate the fact that good Outdoor advertising can be really effective. They make you look. Just be careful not to put too much information on your outdoor ads. They become cluttered fast and no one will get the actual info they need – your name and MAYBE your url.

Advertising crap to kids.

3. Finally, I couldn’t help it, I had to include a bad one. I was in the toy aisle of Superstore and found this gem of a product. That’s right, “Crib Life”. Positioning line: “Born Awesome”. Complete with cell phone, soother and bling – targeted to 5 year olds. Enough said.

MacDonald Creative is passionate about marketing and advertising. We’d love to help you make your product or service stand out to your target audience.

Time flies when you’re having fun

By Roderick MacDonald

Our last blog post was September 23 2010. What? That’s crazy… How could that have happened? Well, the truth is we’ve been busy working for our clients. And when we’re in the thick of it we’re just too busy to stop and talk about it.

MacDonald Creative was born in wreckage of the financial meltdown of 2008. At that time there was next to no real estate development going on and no need for creative services for project marketing. So we were running on fumes. Since then, every year has seen an improvement in our bottom line to the point where we are finally feeling comfortable. Not complacent mind you. Just feet-on-solid-ground comfortable.

Clients keeping us busy have included Ledingham McAllister and their Century project on Fraser Street, where we produced a brochure, advertising, serious signage and an impressive presentation centre. Concord Pacific, where we provided the Park Place presentation centre in the new Surrey City Centre and all kinds of accompanying marketing collateral. We’ve also been creating custom-photo testimonial ads for a couple of Polygon projects, all of which you can view on our website.

Currently our attention is focussed on the über-prestigious Private Residences at the Hotel Georgia. We’ve created a clever four-ad campaign and designed a new 24-page brochure among other things. Once the new display suites are finished and photos are taken we’ll finish the brochure and sales should take off.

Then Wendy and I hope to have a little summer holiday time with our families and friends. So we should be rested and ready to rock in the fall.

Let’s make plans now to work together then.