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The great signage debate

By Rod MacDonald

Strolling through my neighbourhood the other day I saw a sign for a recently completed high-rise condo project and was immediately reminded of the great signage debate we sometimes have with clients and designers.
Designers want everything small. Clients want everything large.
In particular, clients want contact info large: phone, Email, URL. And let’s not forget their logo. Designers, on the other hand, want less copy and smaller type so the project logo can float in a sea of negative space.
I take the middle ground, telling clients that people read what they find interesting no matter the size, and asking designers to use a consistent and legible typeface.
Most real estate marketing signage is obtrusive and shouty, sending the wrong message about quality, value and attention to detail.
But in this case a designer’s sensibililities prevailed.
The sign tucks into the permanent fencing and presents the name of the project. That alone is enough to tell me homes are for sale. And sure enough, in the lower left corner it reads:
2 Bedroom Suites (some with dens)
Penthouses with Rooftop Terraces
No prices, sizes, phone or Email. But when I got home I Googled “coco spruce” and bingo, there was the project’s website, at the top of the list, with all the info I wanted. Except prices. So I had to call the sales staff 😉
And at that point I became low-hanging fruit, ripe for picking.