Great advertising can be hard to hear…..

by Wendy Riches

As marketers, we always like to commend great advertising, even when it’s created by another agency, and especially if it’s helping to making a difference in someone’s life.

This season, Covenant House has produced a series of 3 amazing radio spots (go there now and listen to them, please!) that reflect the harsh reality of life on the streets of Vancouver. I first heard one of them on the radio, which prompted me to look them up online and write this post.

Because so many other charities are out with their campaigns at this time of year, Covenant House needed to do something that would stand out – and they did!

The 30 second spots each create a very disturbing and real visual in one’s mind about what youth on our streets go through every day. And in a world in which we are bombarded with thousands of visual images every day, they nailed it with this aural format.

Covenant House provides shelter, food and clothing for more than 1,500 youth on Vancouver’s streets every year.